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brahma's dream
A Novel
by: Shobha Deepak Singh | 2006
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  • Language: English
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Publisher: Roli Books
  • ISBN22: 9788186939277
  • Edition: 2006
  • Pages: 436
Born with a rare form of anaemia, thirteen-year-old Mohini was not expected to live beyond the age of three. Mohini’s condition and her impending, inevitable death form the pivot around which the characters of this unique novel live out their lives. But far from wallowing in self-pity, Mohini is both an astute observer and an active participant in all that goes on in the Oek household. Her parents, Keshav and Kamala, share a passionate love that is at first rent asunder and then, amazingly, healed by their daughter’s illness. Her young aunt, Vasanti, condemned to an early widowhood that no astrologer foretold, believes that there is a reason for this. Mohini’s grandfather, Vishnupant is a professor of history who has devoted his life to making sense of India’s past so that the country may fulfil the promise of its future. He is the patriarch who rules Koleshwar Nivas with a firm and compassionate hand. Set in Bombay in the Forties, at the defining moment when India emerged from British rule, Brahma’s Dream is as much the story of a nation on the move, as of a Maharashtrian family that is forward-thinking and ready to embrace the new order, while respecting the traditions it holds dear. And, as India surges towards independence, Mohini’s family and friends look to her to help make sense of a rapidly changing world. Instead of tragedy, it is the humour, the fascinating detail of events as they unfold and, ultimately, the wry and heart-warming wisdom of the precocious Mohini that create a long-lasting impression. A remarkable debut novel that succeeds in being hugely entertaining and immensely moving, Brahma’s Dream examines the Hindu belief that birth, suffering and death are all but a part of a vast continuum in the mind of a god.
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