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Sacred Voices of the Nyingma Masters
sacred voices of the nyingma masters
by: Sandra Scales & Kathryn Alexandrei | 2019
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  • Language: English
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Publisher: Roli Books
  • ISBN22: 9788193984635
  • Edition: 2019
  • Pages: 247

The original school of Tibetan Buddhism blossomed centuries ago in the high mountains and wind-chilled
plains of Tibet. It remains intact and vibrant today. The ambassadors of this tradition are known as the
Nyingmapas, the Ancient Ones. Sacred Voices of the Nyingma Masters gathers the words and portraits
of twenty-two of these exalted teachers. Its pages are graced by images of some of the greatest masters of
our generation, many of whom have spent decades in retreat in addition to guiding their many disciples
throughout the world. The younger incarnate lamas included here are their spiritual heirs, those who carry on
the unbroken lineage. Collectively, their teachings provide the guidance many of us seek—to live with greater
love and harmony and to ease our uncertainty and suffering. The thousands of masters within this lineage
reflect the diversity of the Buddhist teachings. Still their distinct voices form a river of continuity leading to the
sea of enlightenment.

The twenty-five years Sandra Scales has spent studying Tibetan Buddhism and living in cultures in which
it has flourished has resulted in an unusual understanding and deep respect for this subject. By offering an
intimate glimpse of the environments in which the teachings took place, her brief introductory essays take the
reader on a wide ranging and delightful journey—from the Himalayas, to South America and to Europe. The
time devoted to photographing these lamas and compiling their teachings has culminated in a unique volume:
a statement of beauty that evokes and preserves the illumined personal presence of these great masters for the
benefit of current and future generations.

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