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Fall of a Port, Rise of a Prince Defeat of the East India Company in the House of Commons
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  • Language: English
  • Binding: Paperback with flaps
  • Publisher: Roli Books
  • ISBN22: 9789351941828
The ships of the English East India Company first docked at India’s shores in Surat in the early 17th century. In time, the Company through astute politics and superior naval power would become masters of this great port, but not with the objective of building on its legacy as India’s emporia of maritime trade but with the single minded goal of destroying its trading prowess. And they did this by overcoming the local princes and fostering corrupt practices. By 1800 the port had been completely annexed and a Treaty signed with the Nawab that would guarantee his family’s security from generation to generation. But the Company violated the treaty by stopping the family’s income, usurping the palaces, estates, jewellery and all that was part of the private estates of the Nawab, leaving the infant granddaughters of the last Nawab on the brink of destitution. In a riveting counterattack Meer Jafar Ali Khan, father of the two infant girls stood to defy an Empire and expose the corrupt practices of the Company in Victorian England. Spearheading a legal offensive that would shatter the Company’s reputation, Meer Jafar Ali Khan’s campaign for justice generated great heat and debate in British Parliament. Fighting against all odds this prince won it all back for his daughters and found true love in Victorian England.
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By: Bamboo on 16/01/2018
a riveting story full of passion and suspense
By: david on 16/01/2018
A brilliantly written, beautifully crafted, un-put-downable true story of an individual taking on the full might of the British Empire and winning. I cannot recommend this novel more highly . It is written with pace, colour, balance and true love for the subject. This is an incredible first novel.
By: Luke Dog on 20/12/2017
What a beautiful story! What a book. Telling the story of the first signs of people not accepting the colonial behaviour of Britain - amazing that 150 years ago an Indian takes on the British in their own parliament....and wins. Extraordinary.
By: Bamboo on 20/12/2017
It’s a most compelling and fascinating and true story of one man’s fight against an empire filled with passion and intrigue
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